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PDX RC Underground Racing Team

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Cole Hegar

Buggy/ 4 Wheel

Cole is 19 years old and has been racing rc for less than 6 months. He is also a national champion go cart racer.

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Brian Seeley

Buggy/ 4 Wheel

Brian is one of the nicest racers at the track, and just a great driver. Constantly improving week by week

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Brian Stromberg

Buggy/ 4 Wheel

Brian is also a Team Yokomo/Muchmore driver. Truly gifted at racing. One of the fast guys.

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Evan Stromberg

Buggy/ 4 Wheel

Evan is the youngest on the team at 13, but one of the fastest at the track. Watch out for him in the future

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Casey Hanel

Buggy/ 4 Wheel/ Truck

Casey is always smiling and a huge Duck fan. The most versatile on the team, can run anything.

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Ken Christman

Buggy/ Truck

Ken has been at the track since it's inception. One of the toughest drivers on the track. Never gives up

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