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Invitational Racers Attending

1.Dustin Evans
2.Roger Seim
3.Jack Leighan
4.Travis Harker
5.Keaton Van Der Sommen
6.Ryan Reavis
7.Ashon Bristol
8.Andy DiBrino
9.Robert Bakoczy
10.Brian Marcroft
11.Carrol Culver

12.Justin Hall
13. Travis Schreven
14. Joe Kinsella
15. Harley Yoshi

16. Brandon Foote
17. Mikey Brown
18. Brad Borneil

1. Alix  Ferri
2. Garret Rekdahl
3. Dan Jeppeson
4. James Haley

5. Tye Traynor 
6. Josh McCall
7. Mike Plumlee
8. Kalani Corn

9. Sean Maybell
10. Marshall Patten
11. Peter Robinson
12. Jovy Levin

13. Hasnain Hasham
14. Shane Borden
15. Teegan Hornacek
16. Michael McCuen
17. Doug  Lariviere

18. Colton Bowen


Sign up for other classes

Non invite classes are triple quals and triple A Mains.

Quals will be run on Saturday along with some lower mains. Sunday will be triple A mains. Awards for 1-3

Schedule for the event

Friday - open practice 2-midnight $20 for the session
Saturday doors at 8, quals and 3 rounds of invitational start at 10
Sunday doors at 8, mains and 3 rounds of Invitational 
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