Hey new guy!

Welcome to the PDX RC Underground!! We are glad to have you here.

We know that this hobby can seem a bit overwhelming. First off, i'm sure you are wondering if you are even good enough to race. The answer is yes!!

We all started off just like you. No need to be scared or nervous. We are here to help. Everyone at the track, will open their arms to help you. So come on in and say hi!!

The first thing you will need is some sort of RC Car. Most new drivers start off with a Traxxas Slash, as you can run them on the street too.

Don't get me wrong here, the slash is an awesome vehicle and is a good starting point. They run around $250 to get started, and they are ready to run (RTR)

Tammies Hobbies in Beaverton has a great selection for Traxxas Products.

When you are running for a while, you will be wanting to try something a little more precise. Most people end up with a 2 wheel drive buggy, like the Yokomo YZ2 below.

When you decide on a buggy, there are many brands to choose from. The most popular being Associated, Losi, Yokomo, Schumacher, and X-Ray. All are fairly close in pricing, ranging from around $300 and up.

These are cars you build from a kit, and do not include the electronics.

Along with the car kit, you will need to buy electronics and radio system. Here is a list of what you will need:

Radio and receiver $200 and up

ESC  (electronic speed control ) $100 and up

Motor $90 and up

Battery $60 and up

Servo $50 and up

Charger $75 and up

Transponder ( to count your laps with the computer) $90 and up

As you can see, it seems daunting. The initial investment is a lot, but once you have the electrics, you can change your car chassis without new electrics.

There are also several other classes.


Stadium truck

4 wheel drive buggy

Races are run for all classes. The way our races run on normal club race days are as follows.

You have 2 rounds of qualifications. These are 5 minute races with 6-7 other drivers all running on your own clocks. It's called IFMAR, and we call you out to start, and they you race against the clock.

After the qualification rounds are done, you are then put into a main event depending on how many laps you did in the 5 minutes.

All mains are heads up start, meaning you all go on the tone and race for your place. 

Most club races last between 2-3 hours depending on how many racers show up. Race days also have open practice for a couple hours before.

I hope this helps ease some of the fears you might have about racing. If you have any questions, stop on by and just say hi!!

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