Sep 23

Servo Question


Need advice on a servo to purchase..

I havent run rc in 7 yrs. the last time was on dirt and in SC 1/10

I used to run savox and spektrum servos

I have no idea what i will need in a buggy with high traction carpet.

My son will be running a Yokomo yz2 cal3 on a Sanwa mt44.

Until we can upgrade he will be running a Tekin Pro esc and a 17.5 redline...its what we got

I am looking to buy a Kyosho RB 6.6/7 or a Yokomo yz2 CA2/3 what ever i can afford. With same same n motor. i however will be running this on a Ko Proppo as thats what i got until i can upgrade radio.

ive been looking at protech servos as they have good reviews on amain...but would like opinions and advice as I know the servo is important especially on such a technical track...

Any advice is appreciated


Sep 23

Protek servos are great! We carry them and the Muchmore servo also. Savox make good servos, but I have seen them cause glitching. There are some yz2 Cal2's out there, there is one on our fb page right now. Kyosho is rough, because no one carries parts for them. I would stay away if possible.

I've only run Protek over the last two years, but have never had any problems.

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