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Why Blinky?

I know that seems like a stupid question, because I know what the answer is. It's to level the playing field in the stock classes, but is it really?

To date, I know of two esc manufacturers and one motor company that were caught cheating. Over charging batteries, the motor of the week, the expense of having the best batteries and motors. It's a race for speed by dollars and questionable practices.

As a track owner, I get to hear the complaints. "I think he is cheating" , "is that motor legal", " "I think he is running boost". On top of it, how can you really check to see if someone has a true 17.5 stator, or if they haven't figured out a hack for their esc?

Before ROAR came up with the good intentioned idea of blinky, boost and time was allowed. In my humble opinion, it was way better.

If someone was faster down the straight, you just added boost or timing. Someone quicker on the infield, make an adjustment. More power isn't faster most of the time, and it was a good way to edge into modified. Rarely or ever did you hear "he's cheating" or "his motor is faster". It leveled the playing field, and money didn't really matter so much, just add boost and timing. No need for expensive batteries or motors.

Not sure how everyone else feels, but I miss the days of non blinky. A lot less bitching and more laughing!

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