Jun 4, 2018

What are the limits for the Novice Class


Edited: Jun 23, 2018


Jun 4, 2018

Yes sir, that will work for novice!

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  • I did not see open practice on Sundays on he schedule any longer. Can we still practice on Sundays?
  • Hi. We are in Portland for a family visit from Indiana. We didn’t have room to bring our slashes and honestly never thought to bring them but now we are looking for a little rc fix. I see you race Wednesday evening. I didn’t know if anyone had some spare slashes with batteries they would be willing to rent for the evening. You can email me or call /text. Looks like a great facility. My son and I are both decently experienced drivers. He’s 7 and is used to running a 2wd slash. I normally run a 4wd. Happy new year thanks mike heady 812-841-6345 heady_mike@yahoo.com
  • Is there somewhere you can view lap times and results? Also, I love this track, but are there other local-ish tracks? Specivically maybe a road course around here? I was not finding anything but thought I’d ask here.

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