Oct 24, 2018

Blinky Mode?

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Was trying to research what blinky mode meant and was not coming up with anything in laymens terms. I bought a used B6 club racer kit so I am assuming it will all work just fine, but unsure on that term.


Also, is there anything else that is a "must do" for this specific track? As far as setup or accessories? The only thing I need to do to mine is rebuild the shox, as they look like they have leaked a bit while sitting in this other guys garage, as well as getting a transponder and a chassis protector.


Excited to check the place out, I raced 1/10 scale touring cars (nitro and electric) way back in the day, this will be more first foray into carpet racing and with intentional air time!!

Oct 25, 2018

Blinky mode is the esc blinks to show that it has no boost or timing. It's a term for stock racing.

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  • I did not see open practice on Sundays on he schedule any longer. Can we still practice on Sundays?
  • Hi. We are in Portland for a family visit from Indiana. We didn’t have room to bring our slashes and honestly never thought to bring them but now we are looking for a little rc fix. I see you race Wednesday evening. I didn’t know if anyone had some spare slashes with batteries they would be willing to rent for the evening. You can email me or call /text. Looks like a great facility. My son and I are both decently experienced drivers. He’s 7 and is used to running a 2wd slash. I normally run a 4wd. Happy new year thanks mike heady 812-841-6345 heady_mike@yahoo.com
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