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We live in interesting times now, and are limited to groups of 10 at the track now. With that limitation, we still want to continue to have a little fun in these dire times.

We are going to start the Wood Motorsport Top Gun Series that will allow us to have 10 people at a time at the track. We will have 3 hour race sessions for 10 people with 5 people per race. That should allow us some practice and 4 races per group. We will keep track of laps and time and the fastest lap and time at the end of the month wins $50 from Wood Motorsport!

This can be any type of vehicle. Are you the Top Gun? 

First race is Friday the 19th!

Doors will open at 5 and racing at 7. First 10 to sign up get in!

$20 per entry use the buttons below 

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