The Portland Ketchup Series

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The coolest race series is back!!!

The Portland Ketchup Series!

It's the only series where you get to eat your trophy!

All natural organic Portland Ketchup and mustard for 1-3 

at every race!

Make your wives and girlfriends happy,

and win something you can use.

Watch them smile and ask you to race more, just bring home the mustard next time :)

We will be running 7 min A mains this year, as well as a team mustard vs team ketchup challenge.

Racing Dates

All races start at  11am

Doors open at 9am

Dec 29th

Jan 5th

Jan 26th

Feb 23rd

March 2nd

March 9th

March 23rd


Stock Buggy (17.5 blinky)

Mod Buggy

40+ Open Buggy

Stock Truck (13.5 blinky)

Mod Truck

4 wheel buggy (13.5 blinky)



2 qualifiers and single mains

Quals are 5 mins

A mains are 7 mins

lower mains 5 mins with bumps

7 races with two drops

We will also be doing a team ketchup

vs team mustard team challenge over the series for bragging rights.

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