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The 3rd Annual

 Portland Ketchup Series

The fun is back at PDX

The Portland Ketchup Series!

It's the only series where you get to eat your trophy!

All natural organic Portland Ketchup and mustard for the winners of each night

Make your wives and girlfriends happy,

and win something you can use.

Watch them smile and ask you to race more, just bring home the mustard next time :)

We will be running 4 min heads up races every night.

Racing Dates

All races start at  7pm

Doors open at 4pm

Feb 7th

Feb 21st

March 6th

March 13th

March 20th

March 27th

April 3rd

April 10th


Stock Buggy (17.5 blinky)

Open Buggy

21.5 Buggy (blinky fixed FDR)

Stock Truck (13.5 blinky)

4 wheel buggy (13.5 blinky)



We will be running a modified Reedy format for this series. 

Every race day will have 4 heads up races for every class. Random order with points given for your place. 

8 race days means 32 races. We will drop your lowest 8 races at the end. 

This should be a really fun format, where you will be racing 4 times every race day! Every race counts!

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