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pdx rc underground mini z racing

Mondays at 5pm


PDX RC Underground will be racing Mini Z every Tuesday night at 6:30. Mini Z is an awesome way to race onroad in a small space and scale wise is off the hook fast and just a lot of damn fun! Believe it or not, Mini Z is the top selling RC in the world. It's huge in Europe and Asia.


Stock - Out of the box. The only upgrades are bearings and tires and rechargeable AAA

Open - Like it says, run whatever motor you want, hop it up. Just have to run AAA batteries no lipos

I started the Mini Z club years ago with Mo from Hella Graphics, so we know the tires and such that work.

Kenon hobbies is the place to go for tires and batteries and all things Mini Z. You use the tape to hold the tires on, you don't need glue. The tires last forever, and they are cheap. 

Here are the part numbers for what you will need

Rear tire  KS2824


Front tire  KS1034


Bearing kit  600129


Rim Tape front 700505A


Rim tape rear 700506A

Batteries HP750

Here are a couple of cheap battery chargers that work awesome for AAA




You can use any charger or batteries you want. We just know these work

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