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Joe Pillars Driving Clinics

We are a lucky group here in the Northwest to have the world champion team manager for Yokomo and Muchmore racing Joe Pillars as a local. JP has been in the industry for a long time and has won multiple national and world championships for other manufacturers in his career.

JP is such a great resource here in the NW and was one of the first people I called when I was thinking about opening this track.

Joe has a very busy schedule, but loves the hobby so much and is always one of the first people to help out when someone needs it.

When I was sponsored by Kyosho many years back, JP was a huge help with setups and driving tips. He made me a better driver every time I would work with him. I thought why not have him do that for the local racers. 

So i'm happy to introduce the Joe Pillars Driving Clinics!

JP will be teaching  groups at PDX RC Underground.

His clinics will be 4 hours long and will cover things like, how to build shocks, driving lines, how to set up your radio, suspension set up, tire choice, how to set your slipper, how to set up your esc and gearing. You get the idea! His years of experience working with the top drivers in the world, gives him a plethora of information.

He is willing to share it with us!

Cost for a 3 hour session with JP is only $20  

Sign up below as classes are limited!

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