Joe Pillars

13th Annual
Rockstar Series



Portland's most successful off-road series is back for the 5th straight year at PDX RC Underground beginning 

October 15th



We will be running two - 4 min quals

Double 5 min A mains

5 mins single lower mains


Series Classes

• Rookie

• 17.5 Buggy

(17.5 blinky mode) 

• 21.5 Buggy Sponsored by Muchmore

(21.5  Motor blinky mode,20 degree timing) privateer 

• 13.5 Stadium Truck

(13.5 Motor blinky)

• 13.5 4wd Buggy

(13.5 Motor blinky)

• Mod 4wd Buggy

• 40+ Modified Buggy

• Modified Buggy

•13.5 Short Course

(13.5 Motor blinky)

•RTR Slash/SC

(box stock, must run exactly as it comes. You may add a 2 cell lipo. Slashes must have aluminum shock caps)

Dates and time

We will be starting at 6:45 sharp

Oct 15 - Nov 5 - Nov 19 - Dec 3 - Dec 17 - Jan 7 - Jan28

History of the race

The ROCKSTAR Short Course Series was first started by Joe Pillars, ROCKSTAR's Joey Lancaster, & Portland R/C Raceway's Owner Jim Dunlap 10 years ago. Since then, this Friday night series has continued to bring out many of the best racers from all over the North-West to compete in a fun and exciting environment.

This series will once again be held on Friday nights with the track open from 2:00pm to 6:15pm for practice and racing starting right at 6:30pm.


We will run 2 4-Minute Qualifiers, 5-Minute Bump-Ups and Double 5-Minute A-Mains to help finish at a decent hour. We will resort after the first round of qualifying to allow for better racing. The top 7 drivers after qualifying is complete will go straight into the A-Main with a 2 car bump from the lower mains. 


This 7 race series will take your 5 best finishes with 2 throw outs.


Awards will be given out to the Top 3 in each class at the end of the Series. You must race at least 4 races to qualify for the overall awards!