Joe Pillars

12th Annual Rockstar Series

Portland's most successful off-road series is back for the 4th straight year at PDX RC Underground beginning 

December 4th

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Dates and sign up

Due to covid restrictions, we are only allowed 25 racers per night. This year will be different as we will have a stock night and a mod night. Mod night will have mod buggy, 13.5 wheeler and 40+ buggy. Stock night will have 21.5 buggy, 17.5 buggy, 13.5 Stadium Truck and Novice

Please sign up on the calendar page at the bottom in the events area to hold your spot!

Series Points

We will be running a modified Reedy format

4 rounds of random sorting

Drop lowest round

Tie breaker is overall laps and time of the 3 counting rounds

Series Classes

• Novice

• 17.5 Buggy

(17.5 Motor boost and timing allowed) 

• 21.5 Buggy Sponsored by Muchmore

(21.5 Muchmore Motor / 0-Timing & 0-Boost Mode) privateer 

• 13.5 Stadium Truck

(13.5 Motor boost and timing allowed)

• 13.5 4wd Buggy

(13.5 Motor boost and timing allowed)

• 40+ Modified Buggy

• Modified Buggy

Awards will be given out to the Top 3 in each class at the end of the Series. You must race at least 4 races to qualify for the overall awards!

History of the race

The ROCKSTAR Short Course Series was first started by Joe Pillars, ROCKSTAR's Joey Lancaster, & Portland R/C Raceway's Owner Jim Dunlap 10 years ago. Since then, this Friday night series has continued to bring out many of the best racers from all over the North-West to compete in a fun and exciting environment.

This series will once again be held on Friday nights with the track open from 2:00pm to 6:15pm for practice and racing starting right at 6:30pm.


We will run 2 5-Minute Qualifiers, 5-Minute Bump-Ups and Single 5-Minute A-Mains to help finish at a decent hour. We will resort after the first round of qualifying to allow for better racing. The top 6 drivers after qualifying is complete will go straight into the A-Main with a 2 car bump from the lower mains. 


This 6 race series will take your 4 best finishes with 2 throw outs.